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Take A Walk Inside the VANITY FAIR office… August 24, 2009

Hello Everyone!

On our trip in NYC – I was so excited to walk into the Conde Nast building.  It was very similiar to the lobby of the Devil Wears Prada… as I have watched the movie repeatedly over 100 times – and probably can recite it to you..

DSC06889Beautiful outfits, wonderful summer dresses, expensive handbags, and great little flats that coordinated all the way down to a pair of earrings. Fashion in NYC is absolutely unbelievable, and as I was walking into the VANITY FAIR office, I saw every type.  The place has SUCH high security – that your day pass will change color by the end of the day when you walk out – so that you can’t come in the next day – now talk about high tech!

Alexis Bryan Morgan, Assistant Fashion Editor of VANITY FAIR was there to greet Shivani and I – as we met with her in the headquarters.  She was bubbly, excited, and loved our line.  She really loved the fact that we were family run, kept our company with high integrity even while growing exponentially.

Of course – we would never leave without gifting her cute items….
We gifted her with our new pink halter dress – at

and some yummy elephant accessories in pink –

It was wonderful to meet her and share our story about Sama Baby – and our passion for organic cotton, green, and natural products for babies!


-Neha and Shivani


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