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Chica Chica Mama! August 17, 2009

One of our favorite things is to feature our press that we have received!

Blogging is an interesting form of writing. We believe that the editors at Mamaista truly have developed a TRUE VOICE online. The one for hip moms, that are all about finding new products, those unique items that the baby next door does not have!

We love the editors at Mamaista- as they are also female entrepreneurs with a similiar vision – providing sound information to moms around the world regarding products.


Luckily, in NYC we met with these great moms, and after visiting our booth at the ENK Trade show in NYC – they featured us within 24 hours! TALK ABOUT A SUCCESS!

They love our line – our story, our fashion concept, and our story.  Check out the article here titled GLOBAL APPEAL:

Have to say – the writing is witty and hilarious. Talk about a great way to talk about Sama Baby – I def. chuckled..

-Neha Gupta


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