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Is your Baby Urban? We know Sama Baby Babies can be… July 10, 2009

Check out our latest feature at Urban Baby!


Check it out –  URBAN BABY – which was acquired recently by CNET networks!

A little about Urban Baby, as per its site:

Since its launch in 1999, UrbanBaby has been an invaluable resource for urban parents.

The heart of the site is Talk, our lively message boards section, where parents come day and night to share, discuss and ask questions related to parenting and their lives as parents. Talk is a place for honest, uninhibited discussions, quick answers, banter and community.

In addition to our message boards, we offer in-depth local information for New York and San Francisco, local message boards for additional urban areas, and we will be rolling out new local resource guides in 2008. We also offer general parenting and product news & tips in Buzz.

The site was founded by Susan and John Maloney and was acquired by CNET Networks in 2006. We are proud of our community of loyal users, and hope that you will find the site useful and entertaining.

Well, we at Sama Baby, love Urban Baby.  We are carried all over the US and in New York and San Francisco and are happy to be the BUZZ in these areas!

Hope you like the feature! It is great that people are so focused on organic cotton baby clothing for babies and toddlers! It is great to see press featuring Sama Baby and its commitment to being GREEN, fair trade, and organic!



2 Responses to “Is your Baby Urban? We know Sama Baby Babies can be…”

  1. rupica Says:

    I would like to know how to order by size. I checked the size chart but didn’t get to see the sizes I needed, how do I do this and great idea, this line. It is about time someone took the garment industry that exploits our children in India to task and made it fair trade and organic

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