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Do you know the How To’s of Fashion? May 26, 2009

You would think that fashion shows are easy – beautiful models, beautiful clothes, a little music, and a great ramp.

Not at all.  After being trained in fashion show production by LenMat Productions for the past 7 years, I have learned that fashion shows are an artform, a unique expression that turns clothes into life.

Some shows I have worked with include designers such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, Sergio Rossi, Valentino, you name it.  Tootsies, Saks, Foley’s Grand Opening, etc.  Some of the most stunning models, the most ridiculous clothes, and the greatest fashion shows in Houston have been designed ultimately by the LenMat team.

And now, after many years of training, I am actually putting together my own show. Realizing the amount of work that it is, I am actually surprisingly calm.  I think the people around me are more stressed out than I am!

Unlike the LenMat team, who has a usual set of models they like to work with, or use an agency to pick their models – I have done a search for some of the most beautiful babies in Houston – whether it be at the grocery store, an email blast, or through meeting people.  I have hand-picked each local model, to represent the true meaning of our show – GOING LOCAL!

I am very excited about my fitting meeting on Wednesday – slightly nervous as this is the first time I am doing a production on my own – involving some major Houston companies such as Ruggles Green, New Living, Motherhood Center, Dot Dot Salon, Kristina Koutsadas Belly Dancing, and much more.

We have been working overtime here at Sama Baby. Going Local in a way that other organic cotton lines haven’t.  We believe that getting out there means involving everyone around you to be part of what you have created. To share, to express, to feel, to taste. These are the best ways of having people enjoy and be part of something bigger.
This fashion show is going to be one of the biggest events I have ever thrown – esp. when it is right up my alley. I had NO idea 7 years ago that I would actually be throwing my own fashion show, with my own actual designs.  It truly is going to be such a humbling, and rewarding experience.

Anyways, I will be sharing the fashion show fitting pictures to show you some of the backstage of what really goes on during a fashion show – You might start to notice how tough it is – and how crazy it can be..

Although most people are on holiday today, I am going to be getting a beautiful little garment rack filled with different sizes to make sure, that all children are going to have their own outfits, with different sizing to check if they fit each outfit.  In true fashion shows, you can request an exact model size, 2 or 4, in order to just pick the sets of outfits.

With babies – I…don’t… think so. Some babies can be tiny, some can be larger, some can be taller, some can be skinny, some can be healthy. You can never really know what the real size is. This is going to be entertaining!

Fashion Show


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