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April 10, 2009

I absolutely loved Monday’s Oprah. How unbelievably comical. Such honesty was on this episode that I literally want to forward the episode to every new mom.

One of the best parts was that Karen, @chookooloonks was on the show. I am amazed that I know someone who was on Oprah- that is just HUGE!!  Even bloggers were featured like http://ww

We are so happy that Oprah started the O Moms group. We hope to somehow work with them  – as they clearly have a lot of advice for moms on how to deal with parenting and being a mom!

Even bloggers were featured like

In the motherhood is such a funny show. We are looking to do some product placement for that show. It is so funny!!

Anyways I just thought I’d mention that oprah has really opened up the momversation and I think that show could have been longer! It is really wonderful that the truth of motherhood is coming out!!!


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