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Cars, Fashion, and Grey Goose Martinis March 27, 2009

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of course, it was a usual Thursday for a young fashion designer in Houston.

Landed myself at the Audi dealership with Houston Magazine – Modern Luxury and their fabulous event – Spring Fete.

Wonderful Neiman Marcus Spring 2009 looks on cute little models – which by the way, were super young!

Of course, the bar was packed with beautiful people holding Grey Goose rimmed to the top martinis that were ooh too strong.

As DD for my three girlfriends, I opted for a glass of white, and headed on my way to meet up with some other fashionistas in the group, as well as some of my friends at Modern Luxury.

It was wonderful – meeting with so many fresh faces, even though the weather earlier in the day was T-Storm warning, horribly rainy. It’s great that even in Houston – the weather doesn’t stop em!

Finally home, and ready for bed.  Just needed to blog about how great

Yummy Martinis and tiny appetizers!

Yummy Martinis and tiny appetizers!

fashion can be in the city of Houston – and how excited everyone was to learn about Sama Baby Organics – and organic cotton baby clothing!

I met some great people involved in the green, sustainable world, and truly enjoyed conversing about Sama Baby, our mission, values, and what organic cotton really means. Seems like a vlog might be coming over me VERY soon!

Looks like rain isn’t going to stop Spring Fashion anytime soon!



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