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Chicks who Click, I mean Chicks Who Clink, Bottomless Wine is Belly Bliss! January 10, 2009

Colorado Road Trip - Beautiful Roads!

Colorado Road Trip - Beautiful Roads!

Day 2: Starting at 7 AM, we headed straight over to Ft. Collins, and if you really want to hear a crazy day read this..

So of course, being the workaholics that we are, we decided to fit in everything we could imagine into one day..

Met with Clothes Pony – a baby boutique we would rate 5 out of 5 in terms of awesome selection of toys, classes, clothes, and passionate individuals that love their store – and unique lines. We met them at ABC Kids, but it was even better to see them in person one on one!

Then of course, driving around N College Ave, we found some great stores like Eco Logic. Apparently the Colorado state has created these Eco stores that are all encompassing from kitchen gadgets all the way to of course fashionable baby clothes – which is where we fit in, affordable, luxury organic baby clothes – which you can find at
We literally did a drive by quick run in to show the line, feel the samples, give a catalogue and head out. Same with another cute boutique that really liked our Lucky Elephant Collection! (An ORGANIC Drive-By!)

Of course, met with our yummy Whole Foods at Ft. Collins who carries our line – it was great to meet our stores that carry us. I think meeting one on one is really what makes us stand out, and sets us apart. We are passionate, authentic, and excited – and they can really feel it – we work with them. And, of course pick up yummy Whole Foods sandwiches that lasted us four hours..

Then we headed back about 80 miles to Cherry Creek in Denver and stopped by a super cute boutique that had yoga classes. It was literally like Deja Vu for Shivani and I – we had been by there playing in the snow with one of our family friends years before!

And then another boutique that does all eco-products.. a mommy and daughter store!

The fun part of all this is that we took a catnap in our car. Yes, in our car, on the side of the street near Louisana St and Downing. Weird, but we were so tired from 200 miles of driving and no sleep.. so yes it was a catnap that lasted about an hour…

And then proceeded to head out to our Chicks Who Click event at B Side Lounge – which we were super excited about meeting some of the best people we have met – authentic, real, exciting, and passionate! Nothing is better than meeting people like Barbara Jones, Gwen Bell, George G Smith, Gwen’s Joel, GeekMommy, Jen, Wayne Sutton, Doyle Al Bee, Zenaweist and MANY others. I hope that we will all find a way to work together, because I am inspired by their wisdom, knowledge, and fervor.

And when you get a group of that much energy, we turn the party in to Chicks who Clink!

See you tomorrow gang – as we are FINALLY at the day of our Conference!


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