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Experts on Green Organic Goodness! January 9, 2009


Neha with Lara Bell

Neha with Lara Bell

Started my early morning talking with Lara Bell, KTBU, Channel 55 with a great soundbyte at Mint Baby Uptown Park. It was great to talk to her about the importance of organic products and why moms should focus on organic cotton. If moms want to be green by taking care of the environment around their children – they should def. think about the closest thing touching their children’s skin – the clothes they wear!


I had a great time. I really enjoy being on TV and had no idea how much fun it is to inform, be in front of a camera, and talk your heart out about what you feel most passionate about!

Anyways, it’s about 2am in Colorado, and I have a super early morning of meetings, and then of course, a Tweet Up with Chicks Who Click 09!

Goodnight readers!


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