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Autism January 6, 2009

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My Best Friend's Baby

My Best Friend's Baby

One of my best friends recently told me that her son has Aspergers syndrome. It is on the spectrum of autism. This news really surprised me because I wasn’t aware of the number of children affected by autism. Another friend has a child who has asthma, she puts her son in my clothes, and says he can breathe better at night when he is wearing our pure organic garments. A third friend of mine recently told me her child has eczema, and he is fussy because of it, so she is on a mission to solve this. I told her the alternative health things I know, since I have eczema, and she has switched her child to all organic bedding clothes, socks, etc. so she was planning to order a Sama Baby wardrobe for him.

Today I decided to research autism and see if organic cotton clothes can, in fact, help. I found this post on the Autism Society of America website:

Tips of the Day – Clothing

Wash laundry in detergents that are free of bleach, bleach alternatives, perfumes and dyes.
Take tags out of clothing for a child with tactile issues.
Dress your child in plain pajamas without appliqu├ęs, raised lettering and pictures.


It’s the wash laundry in detergents that are free of bleach, bleach alternatives, perfumes, and dyes — OUR CLOTHES ARE MADE THAT WAY! As long as you continue to wash them with natural cleaning products, you maintain the purity of the garment.

I’m still researching all these things, but if anyone has any knowledge about this or how we can develop a product to help these moms, please contact me. -Shivani


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