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FEED Bag, Lauren Bush, and Whole Foods, the typical day of an entrepreneur! December 29, 2008

Helps so many!

So, I officially came up with a new name for myself:

Blogstar Rockstar. Feel free to use it on your own blog. I think its fierce, as Christian Siriano would say on Project Runway… Anyways, today was a super fun day for organic baby clothing. Yes the green movement is in, and ready to rumble!

I spoke to Lizzie Andrews, the stepsister of Lauren Bush – the genius behind the FEED Bag that helps SO many! She was interested in knowing more about me, Sama Baby, Organic Baby clothing, green ideas, and how I got to where I am now! I loved talking with her and educating her on organic cotton and the effects it has on the planet – all positive!  I never thought at 23, I would be able to speak to a senior in high school about my passions in life.

Then, I met with Whole Foods Bellaire (Houston) and Woodway (Houston), both of which loved the line and are excited about going local – on a whole different level – supporting Houston businesses.  I really love the support of going local, and the importance of helping small businesses.

I love being an entrepreneur and meeting so many cool new people who have passion!


2 Responses to “FEED Bag, Lauren Bush, and Whole Foods, the typical day of an entrepreneur!”

  1. Manisha Joshi Says:

    You definitely are a blogstar rockstar! I love this blog – great for recording your days as an elite businesswoman and to promote all your goings on. Forward you go girl……..

  2. Lalita Airan Says:

    That’s great. I am so proud of you. You are the future. A role model for all young women and older women also. Keep up the good work. We need to pull together to go green and organic

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